Hanna & Wes chose so well for their wedding – they chose a great location in the Creamery, they chose heartfelt vows for their ceremony, they chose to be surrounded by very loving family and friends, and they chose the perfect partner to share it all with. Hanna and Wes spent years planning for their wedding, and I couldn’t be more happy for them and the perfect day they chose.


*wistful sigh* Breathtaking. You show a real mastery of light here. Well done!!

these are great, make me want to get married….just need the guy and I’ll give you a call….:)

What a beautiful bride! I love that shot of the bridal party during the ceremony! Awesome job 🙂

What a fun wedding! You did a great job capturing the little nuances and expressions. Love it!

very nice, the road ones are amazing – great job!

Beautiful! You did a great job capturing the emotions of the day. I just love the photo of her and her mom walking down the isle.

Lovely work, there is a dreamy-ness to some of the photos which is really nice and the colours and light are gorgeous.

Really great job on these photos!! I love the ones of just the bride.. she is so cute.

Great storytelling and wonderful use of light.

Amazing light! I think you did a wonderful job capturing the day. Great story here!

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I love these – perfect light paired with a gorgeous couple!!

Photomerge!! at the ceremony, right? I love how you captured all groomsmen and bridesmaids. You are so good at ceremony shots. I’m sure putting together this post was hard, because their were many beautiful shots. Also, your slight toning in the field was a good choice, very warm, very honey.


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