Wisconsin in protest – wedding portraits

To say it is an interesting time to take wedding photos in Madison is an understatement – the whole city is ablaze with protest, and Heather & David were keen to make it a part of their wedding day by marching (with their wedding party) along the capitol square with wedding appropriate protest banners.

  • cole - Wow – epicly awesome. Tres cool that you were there for this!

  • Natalie - All of the red looks so great in this shoot! Nice.

  • Becky - This is AMAZING–I love it!

  • Anne Marie Carson - Great photos! what an amazing chance to cover a couple participating in making history! :)

  • Brad Ross - Politically and Emotionally Awesome! Some great photojournalism.

  • Katrina - that last teabag shot made me laugh out LOUD!

    I love this idea and the bride’s dress is awesome!

  • Marianne Wilson - So rad! I love these, what a cool couple

  • jawbone - Brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for them and love they could combine two of their passions (at least two, eh?).

    Wish I were there! On, Wisconsin!

  • Mom Protestor - In the words of Bruce Springsteen “… And for my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat”.

    Union Is America.

    Best of luck to an obviously awesome couple!!!

  • andy stenz - that is just too much fun becca!

  • Ellie - amazing! what a great memory captured on a wedding day :) love the bold red accents too.

  • Melinda - This is priceless. Thanks for a lighthearted look. We definitely like this union.

  • Xanthe - Okay, this is one of the most fun weddings I’ve seen in a while – despite the background issue being so serious. You’re done a great job capturing it!

    And kudos to the bride for managing jacketless photos…brrrr!

  • Marie - We saw this wedding party on Saturday as we were protesting! We were so heartened to see this couple take time for current events even on their special day! Amazing shots!

  • Edie Howe - Mazel Tov! The only way this could have been better is if they were a lesbian couple.

    Still, I wish them great joy in their life together.


  • Layla Kaiksow - Congratulations! These are the best wedding pictures i have ever seen, totally awesome!

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  • Heidi M. - REALLY REALLY cool! Love the creativity in standing for the cause!!! Great job!

  • Leigh - These are by far the coolest wedding pics I’ve ever seen. love+struggle!!

  • Jose - ¡Vivan los novios y viva la solidaridad!

  • Minneapolis Wedding Photographers - Such a great idea! Love these photos.

  • Rachel - This is very awesome, but what I REALLY want to know if where the bride got her AMAZING dress. Bride? Tell me!

  • S. Lynn - These photos are gorgeous!
    This is the material of a photo essay people might refer back to for decades. I have a physical reaction to these images and the falling snow is perfect. Congratulations. Makes me wish I were a photo journalist.

  • portraits - very well thought out and planed Portraits

  • Sarah - How unbelievably cool. Three cheers for Heather and David! Here’s to a long and unbreakable union!!

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  • Harrogate Wedding Photographer - Great idea for a shoot. Looks like it really worked!

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