Day of the dead Edina wedding {Lindsey + Brandon}

I generally don’t go for long description of my clients and what they planned, or gush over details. I love weddings because I love real moments, no matter if the tablescapes were perfectly planned or not. I love when people bring themselves into their weddings, no matter if that manifests as a sparkly princess gown or a simple cocktail dress.

That said, there is something exceptionally fun about a bride who will wear her grandmothers (stunning!) wedding gown while also wearing day of the dead skull makeup. And, as you can imagine, Lindsey + Brandon are exceptional people who have found in one another the perfect compliment. I am so thrilled to have been a part of their wedding, and we had a lot of fun to boot. 
quiet moment of bride and groom under feathery orange leaves

panorama of bride and groom under orange autumn leaves

bride wears grandomthers dress with back full of buttons

bride wears grandmothers wedding gown and red fascinator in hair

groom kisses brides cheek, bride has bouquet of cabbage and is wearing grandmothers gown

classig bride and groom with cabbage bouquet

bride holds cabbage bouquet and wears grandmothers gown

groom with lego motocross boutonniere on lapel

bride and groom under orange leaves

small wedding at arneson acres

small wedding at arneson acres park

bride and groom have small wedding ceremony at arneson acres

bride and groom have small wedding ceremony at arneson acres

bride and groom have small wedding ceremony at arneson acres

small wedding with 20 people at arneson acres

bride shows cabbage bouquet to guests at small wedding

groom kisses brides neck before elopement

homemade apple pie for small edina wedding

bride wearing grandmothers dress talks with grandma


bride and groom slice homemade apple pie


bride laughing during reception at arneson acres wedding

bride and groom hold hands with dia de low muertes face painting

bride and groom with dia de los muertes face painting

bride and groom with dia de los muertes face painting

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  • Damian Burcher

    on February 28, 2014  4:48 pm

    Never done a small intimate wedding like this, I think I would panic worrying about not having enough going on to capture.

    Some great posing on the couples portraits.

  • Paul Fuller

    on February 28, 2014  7:48 pm

    So cool, love the face paints combined with some beautiful portraits, great job Becca

  • Jessica Schilling

    on March 1, 2014  1:27 am

    This is such a sweet, lovely wedding, Becca, and the day of the dead makeup is so incredibly cool!

  • Ale Marques

    on March 1, 2014  7:12 am

    This looks so cool and fun! Did you make an great job!

  • Sinereh Soleimani

    on March 1, 2014  7:48 am

    Pretty photos! I really love that the bride wore her grandmother's wedding gown.

  • Shahriar

    on March 1, 2014  12:20 pm

    Beautiful couple. Really nice colours on the images too. Well done.

  • Jonathan David

    on March 2, 2014  10:48 pm

    Whoa! Love their style :) Gorgeous work Becca!

  • Don Barrington

    on March 3, 2014  2:17 am

    Amazing couple. You caught there emotion, perfectly.

  • Sonia Jansson

    on March 3, 2014  11:07 am

    This is so, so lovely and corky and cosy!!!

  • Chris

    on March 3, 2014  3:30 pm

    Love the autumn colours in these images. Beautiful

  • Priya Patel

    on March 3, 2014  4:49 pm

    I love how this couple infused their wedding with their unique style. And great job capturing it! Fun shots.

  • Isabelle

    on March 3, 2014  5:42 pm

    Love her dress, so elegant! And the face paint skull thing, awesome. So much emotion you've captured here. Great work!

  • Jack Chauvel

    on March 6, 2014  7:23 am

    So cool they did things their own way.