Minneapolis Winter engagement photos on ice – Bethany + Stamatis

When your friends and family are in Seattle and New Jersey, they might consider the winters in Minneapolis a deal breaker. Those of us who live here realize it is an asset – just cold enough to keep away the masses, just long enough to build a season around, and the perfect excuse for knit mittens and fur lined coats. Bethany + Stamatis have certainly embraced the winter here, so it was the perfect season to for their engagement photos – a little frozen tundra, a little Scandinavian knits, and a lot of fun. Of course, we did have to reschedule at least once due to the cold advisories.

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Our own starry night

st paul wedding photographer college club first dance

I was able to celebrate for multiple days with Anne + Jeremy. This was one of my favorite moments – just a little alone time surrounded by their guests and a lot of lights.

  • Kathy Schwalbe - Very nice! Can’t wait to see more!
    Anne’s Mom

  • Anne Schwalbe - I added your blog to my feed reader months ago. I flipped through this post this morning and thought, “aww, so pretty, I hope our cafe lights turn out like that!”. Then I recognized Jeremy and immediately teared up! You so accurately captured this moment. <3

Minneapolis Club Wedding {Kathryn + Alex}

I do realize that it is not possible to create timeless photos – eventually we will look at images and notice the hair styles, the clothes, the lack of hovering cars and rockets. But interacting with people – how we hug, and laugh, and enjoy celebrating together – is timeless. And in that sense, weddings are the perfect attempt by us at creating immortal moments – pivot points in the lives of the couple and of their guests – demarcating a time that was before and a time that was after. So when I say that Kathryn + Alex’s wedding felt timeless and classic, I mean it felt very engrossing. It felt real and stylish and lovely. It felt like it had happened in 1920 (with Alex’s classic blue tux and Kathryn’s eyelet lace dress) and it felt like it happened in 2014.

And hosting their wedding at the Minneapolis Club (with the excellent planning of Rocket Science Weddings and Events) made for details that will certainly stand the test of time, even if there were no jet packs.
bouquet at minneapolis club weddingbridemaid dresses atminneapolis club weddingparlor bathroom at minneapolis club weddingbride getting ready at minneapolis club weddinggroom adjusting tie with antlers at minneapolis club weddingbride getting ready at minneapolis club weddingbride with deep back wedding gown minneapolis club weddingbride goes down stairs to meet groom at minneapolis club weddingbridesmaids at minneapolis club weddinggroomsmen at minneapolis club weddingflash composite wedding party at minneapolis club weddingbride and groom in foyer of minneapolis club weddingbride and groom in window seat at minneapolis club weddingbride and groom by elevator of minneapolis club weddingwedding ceremony panorama inside minneapolis club weddinggroom waits for bride at ceremony minneapolis club weddingbride hugs father at minneapolis club weddinggroomsmen during ceremony minneapolis club weddingwedding ceremony at minneapolis club weddingbride and groom during ceremony minneapolis club weddingcocktail hour on terrace minneapolis club weddingsliders for cocktail hour minneapolis club weddingreception dinner minneapolis club weddingpanorama of reception dinning room minneapolis club weddingbride and groom enter dinning room minneapolis club weddingfirst dance at minneapolis club wedding

Ceremony and Reception: Minneapolis Club
Wedding Planner: Rocket Science Weddings and Events
DJ: DJ Digie

  • Wendy Nielsen - These are fabulous, Becca!!!!

Minneapolis City Hall wedding – Elise + Eric

Absolute classic elegance. Elise + Eric are classy people in regular living, but put them in fancy dress and place them in city hall, and that is a total black tie affair. It was such a pleasure to work with Elise’s family again (I photographed her brother’s wedding several years ago) and document such a very lovely day.
wedding party holds invitations for minneapolis city hall weddingbride and groom under staircase at minneapolis city hall weddingbride and groom on stairs for minneapolis city hall weddingwedding party at minneapolis city hall weddingbride and groom in elevator for minneapolis city hall weddingflash composite wedding party minneapolis city hall wedding
Hotel: Hotel Minneapolis
Hair and Makeup: Creative Beaute Agency
Ceremony and reception: Minneapolis City Hall
Planner: Jubilee Weddings + Events
Dessert Table: Cocoa + Fig
Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth

Red Leather Flush Mount Album

Everything I know about my great grandparents has been gleaned from stories, mostly told while looking at old family photos. There are not many images to begin with, and they are mostly formal settings and stoic faces, and yet it gives so much more personality to those stories to see what they looked like, what they wore, how they held themselves. We now see more photos each day than many people ever had just a generation ago, and that comfort and familiarity sometimes makes images seem like a permanent fixture in our lives.

But you won’t show your children your USB drives of images, and your grandchildren won’t check out your shutterfly favorites. They won’t look at your Facebook albums or your instagram feed. They will look at photos that they can touch, and that live in their homes with them. That is the familiarity that keeps family close to us. So, print your photos. Print the things that are important to you and share them with your future.

To that end, I love to share the albums I have created for clients. This is a Flush Mount album – pages are developed as photographs and then mounted onto mat board pages for longevity. Flush Mount albums are designed to last for generations – the modern equivalent of that matted album your parents show you from their wedding.

And, if your wedding involves the T.A.R.D.I.S., Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, 80s movies, and lots of encyclopedias, then your wedding album should clearly be bold, crisp, and a little sassy. So, bold red leather was perfect for Elisabeth + Brian’s Madison wedding.
red leather flush mount album modernwedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-002wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-003wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-004wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-005wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-006red leather flush mount album modern

March Album Offer

Have you seen your parents’ wedding album? Your grandparents’ wedding photos? That feeling – of discovering your parents as young people, of connecting with your grandparents, or your aunts, as the fun loving, silly, stylish, wacky individuals that they are is something that photographs do uniquely well. That is also why I choose the albums that I offer so carefully – they should last to show to your future generations.

print your photos make an heirloom

That is why I only offer Flush Mount albums for weddings. Flush Mount albums are meant to be heirlooms – the images are developed as photographs into the paper instead of printed on top of paper, spreads are mounted onto archival pages for durability and long life, and pages are UV-coated to resist moisture and damage from fingerprints or sun. All this makes Flush Mount albums the most durable option available, and the highest quality printing to boot.

Now through March 30, I am offering special pricing on all albums. It is a great time to make a family heirloom.


linen wedding album flush mountSTORYTELLING ALBUMS:
10×10 30 page storytelling albums are $1075 through March 30 (regularly $1600). Custom designed album with up to 80 images. Thick matboard pages for extra durability, and a stunning selection of linens and leathers for cover. Embossing or photo cameos on cover are also included.

simple wedding album designSIMPLE BOOK:
8×8 60 page gallery albums are $485 through March 30 (these are normally not available at this size). Each page contains one image in a simple design. Pages are thinner, and a variety of linen and fabric covers are available. Photo cameo optional.


black leather flush mount wedding album

Black Leather flush mount album for Melanie + Steve’s St Paul Wedding

Melanie + Steve’s flushmount wedding album features a black leather cover with inset cameo photo.View full post »

Modern Embossed navy leather flush mount album

Modern Embossed navy leather flush mount albumView full post »

Erin + David’s JJ Hill Library Wedding Flush Mount Linen Album

Love this linen Flush Mount album for Erin + David’s summer wedding at the JJ Hill Library.View full post »

Linen wedding album simple layout

Simple Layout Linen Wedding Album

Linen Wedding Album with Simple LayoutView full post »


Just a little winter light

stone arch bridge wedding photos at dusk

Shooting in winter creates all sorts of new opportunities in Minnesota – time for heavy wool coats and fur wraps, tall boots and brightly knit scarves. But it also brings many days when it is dangerously cold to be outside, landscapes that are barren trees and brown dirt alternating with perfectly iced branches and a delicate layer of blinding snow.

So, it is always unpredictable, like life.

But finding the perfect light – a gentle golden warmth on a winter day – finding that takes a combination of luck and persistence. And I am certainly a persistent person.

Bonus that the background contains the Guthrie theater, where Jill and Brant were married just a few hours after this image.

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