st paul engagement photos under knotted tree roots

Why I love this photo: quirky, unexpected, a little colorful, a little quiet. Mandy + Dan’s engagement session was full of the offbeat, so finding this crazy tree just seemed to fit in.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Allison and Jason have great stories about traveling together (and I bombarded them with questions about their upcoming trip to India) including traveling all over the world several times. But they also have a lot of stories of less adventurous amazement – their favorite places for coffee (and who prefers which mug),  and enjoying their many years of togetherness. And so, I loved this quote for them, because they already go with all their hearts, together.

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bride and groom in mears park at sunset

Why I love this photo: Cassie + Ryan both dislike having their photo taken – it makes them nervous even though they are beautiful people and very in love. So this image, right after their ceremony and before their reception, alone in Mears park for a quick walk, has just the right “stolen moment” feel to it. Too excited to be together to remember to be nervous.

  • Roee Dori - Spectacular photo! Is it a composite?

Stephanie + Matt’s intimate wedding at the Cowles Conservatory involved around 12 people, and me. It was loving, and affectionate, and a lot of fun.

Smaller weddings have their own flow to them, photographically speaking – you can’t hide in having a large number of photos. You can’t take the same photos of groupings of people. You have to bring a new eye to the group over and over again. And so for Stephanie + Matt’s wedding, I tried to bring a lot of “bang” into their final wedding images – several panoramas, all my lenses, some new angles, and a lot of quiet observation.

bride and groom at walker art center sculpture garden weddingwedding ceremony at cowles conservatory walker art center minneapoliswedding ceremony at cowles conservatory walker art center minneapoliswedding ceremony at cowles conservatory walker art center minneapoliswedding ceremony at cowles conservatory walker art center minneapoliswedding ceremony at cowles conservatory walker art center minneapoliswalker art center wedding minneapolis sculpture gardenwalker art center wedding minneapolis sculpture garden

  • Wendy Nielsen - beautiful, Becca!!

st paul university club wedding

Why I love this photo: the cold weather can’t stop Melissa + Patrick from looking beautiful, in love, and warm. Just a moment in front of the St Paul University club before they entered for their reception – enough to bring in the cool feel of outside into the photo without making anyone too cold to enjoy it.

  • Joan M Laine - A wonderfully beautiful and happy couple and a beautiful photo. Thank You Becca Dilley for the picture.

Gale mansion bride and groom on stairs

Aly and Chris have so much to celebrate – not least of all the start of their very happy marriage and their adorable family!  A truly wonderful celebration at the Gale Mansion – full of old warm woods and lush patterns. And so in this image I attempt to bring the warm golden tones everywhere!

boom island wedding panorama minneapolis photographer

Anne and John are not necessarily a show-off kind of couple. For their wedding the avoided a lot of the trappings – no veil, no wedding party, just great food, lots of family, and a fantastic place to celebrate.

But this is kind of a show-off picture, because it is actually close to 50 images stitched together  – I wanted to total crispness of Anne and John to stand out from the background, and a bokeh panorama does just that – bringing the effective f-stop down closer to 1.0 or even less (I have not crunched the numbers on this one, since crunching the photo slowed my computer down for about an hour already).

In summary – I em enjoying loudly, boldly, colorfully showing off this lovely, handsome, happy couple.

minneapolis wedding party with 20 people

Because, sometimes, you have friendships to deep, so long-lived and valuable, that they seem to multiply. That is what I think of Anna + Tom’s friendships – honest, deep, true. Which is also why, when choosing who should be  in their wedding party, they winnowed it down to only the closest 20 friendships.

It would have been a challenge to bring 20 people into one photograph in most instances, but Anna + Tom chose well – their friends are all so lively and fun that the only trouble was finding spaces big enough to fit them in at the eccentrically fabulous Loring Pasta Bar.