Emily & Colin just have a lot of things to celebrate – the joining of their two Madison families, their emerging lives on the West Coast, the love of their many friends who contributed to the wedding in many many ways, and the joy of their parents, who are 4 very happy people. I don’t think I can say much else, except that I feel truly lucky to have been invited to be a small part of their wedding, which felt so intimate and joyous.


Love the ceremony pictures. Where in Madison were they taken?

love the car and love the cake! great shots.

The last ones of the couple on the pier/dock are so pretty. Gorgeous sun haze and flare.

love this! great light, details and personality!

the cake looks LOVELY!

LOVE all those cute details and personal touches. Awesome set!

That ceremony!!
Incredible light and you nailed it Becca.
I love her veil in the light, and the second portrait of Emily and Colin is gorgeous, I love it.

WOW, great images, love them all

So many beautiful shots – I especially love the rice toss shots – and I absolutely ADORE her dress!!!

Very nice! Love the ride and the custom shoes! Very sweet wedding.

Great job. I love that they etched her name on sneakers.

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