Lynn and Olivier had told me that they were a little uncomfortable in front of a camera, and for the first hour of their wedding day, they certainly were very aware of me! Olivier kept noticing me in the corner of his eye and turning towards me with a huge grin, which I found very charming. So I was very pleased when, during the reception at the Gale Mansion, Olivier pulled me aside to tell me that he felt very comfortable with the photos, and I even got some shots of him when he didn’t notice!

I loved the calm sweetness of Lynn & Olivier’s relationship – it isn’t boastful or arrogant, just like the passage from Corinthians that was read in both English and Olivier’s native French at their wedding ceremony.

Reception: Gale Mansion
Cake: Queen of Cakes


Awesome work, amazing location. I love the shot of the two little kids.

I love that dress shot, what a great angle to get the venue with it!

That BW of the first dance with the back-lit light – get outa here already!
And the cake shot … OMG, that’s all I can say – you are fantastico.

The extended family shot is so much fun!

beautiful and lovely coverage. that church is gorgeous!

There is such a peace about these photos. So beautiful. Well done!

Lovely, bright, loving images Becca. The photographic results more than suggest you got Lynn & Olivier totally at ease in front of your camera. A visual record to be cherished down the years to come.

Beautiful, beautiful details! And like others have said, I like how “clean” they all look.

clean and effective. great work i love the bridal party shot!

Amazing detail shots. I love the cake shot!

Your details shots are amazing. I also love that huge group shot… good energy 🙂

Beautiful set of images – favourite is of dress hanging in the church, it’s so pretty :-)!

nicely done! love the wide angle church shot 🙂

stunning work! I just love the photo of the couple kissing at the table.

Great job on this wedding! I love your website!

Superb shots throughout. All of the detail shots are great. I love the interior of that church.

These are beautiful, Becca! The couple looks very sweet and in love, and both the indoor and outdoor locations are gorgeous. The soft light in all the bouquet shots is so pretty!

What a beautiful wedding! I really like the large group shot – ha! Really makes me smile!

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