Jenny + Justin’s wedding was a whole lot of fun. They were laughing and celebrating all day long!

wedding dress hanging outside church

details of bride holding her waist in dress and groom looking at boutonniere

bride being buttoned into dress

groomsmen putting on tie pins

groom sees bride for first time

bride and groom see each other for the first time

bride and groom under tree at summer wedding

bride and groom under tree for summer wedding

groom with 9 groomsmen in church pews

bride with 7 bridesmaids in teal dresses

orange wedding flowers and wedding rings

groom handling wedding rings

bride and father enter chruch



bride and groom exit Plymouth congregational church

large wedding party at Mears park

bride and groom kiss between birch trees

bride and groom at mears park

large wedding party in front of brick wall

groom holds brides hand and runs into wedding reception at Mendakota Country Club

best man gives speech at Mendakota Country Club

grooms parents give toast at Mendakota Country Club

groom holds brides waist at Mendakota Country Club

parent dances at Mendakota Country Club


night photo of bride and groom at Mendakota Country Club


Gorgeous Wedding Photography – fabulous moments captured and great portraiture!

Great job Becca. I’m going to borrow that t/s groomsman shot idea for future weddings 😉

Great wedding. Awesome final portrait.

So many smiles!! Great work!

LOVE! There is so much *happy* in this wedding!

Very well done. I love the emotion you managed to capture throughout the entire day.

Great work, love the way you documented the day. Bravo.

Awesome coverage. Love all the moments you got. =)

Great work Becca! Love the night portrait!

She is so effervescent! I love all the details you captured before the ceremony, truly a lovely lovely wedding

I love how cheerful this couple is.

Beautiful summer wedding!! I love how you managed to capture the joy the couple is expressing!!!

Such a beautiful, lovely summer wedding. So many cute moments captured.

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