wedding party flash composite on lawn of Wisconsin capitol buildingSince moving to Minneapolis, one of the things I miss most about Madison is the capitol building. Not just because it is beautiful (and it certainly is), but because it is so open and accessible. I remember playing tag and running around there as a kid, because that was a fun way to spend a Saturday. Having a building that is so open to the people really brings government home in a new way.

Which is a long way to say that lots of people feel like that.

And that is why, on Saturday afternoons, it is covered with people – people lingering after the morning’s farmers market, other wedding parties, proms, birthdays, tourists, all enjoying the capitol.

This popularity makes it a unique opportunity to find new places to take photos around the capitol – showing the building but not the tourists, finding a new take on a 150 year old building.

This is on one of the lawns, and is a flash composite of 4 photos. The flash allows me to bring in more of the sky, and brings a more formal element to the groupings.

Can’t wait to share the rest of Molly + Andrew’s wedding photos tomorrow!


Gorgeous composition on the wedding details! Lovely photographs.

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