Everything I know about my great grandparents has been gleaned from stories, mostly told while looking at old family photos. There are not many images to begin with, and they are mostly formal settings and stoic faces, and yet it gives so much more personality to those stories to see what they looked like, what they wore, how they held themselves. We now see more photos each day than many people ever had just a generation ago, and that comfort and familiarity sometimes makes images seem like a permanent fixture in our lives.

But you won’t show your children your USB drives of images, and your grandchildren won’t check out your shutterfly favorites. They won’t look at your Facebook albums or your instagram feed. They will look at photos that they can touch, and that live in their homes with them. That is the familiarity that keeps family close to us. So, print your photos. Print the things that are important to you and share them with your future.

To that end, I love to share the albums I have created for clients. This is a Flush Mount album – pages are developed as photographs and then mounted onto mat board pages for longevity. Flush Mount albums are designed to last for generations – the modern equivalent of that matted album your parents show you from their wedding.

And, if your wedding involves the T.A.R.D.I.S., Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, 80s movies, and lots of encyclopedias, then your wedding album should clearly be bold, crisp, and a little sassy. So, bold red leather was perfect for Elisabeth + Brian’s Madison wedding.
red leather flush mount album modernwedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-002wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-003wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-004wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-005wedding-album-flushmount-red-leather-bold-006red leather flush mount album modern

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