“Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

Find your greatest weakness – and know that it is inextricably related to your greatest strength. Persnickety is also detailed, know-it-all is also knowledgeable, Too-cold-to-be-outside has lead to many great gatherings.

And thus was born Febgiving – replacing the frigid cold that separates us into our individual homes with a reason to be together. We took the best holiday (Thanksgiving) and grafted into the worst of the midwest (February). Because the below zero weather may keep most us from biking, jogging, and picnicking, but it can’t keep us from gathering, from laughing, and from eating.

Every  year we wonder if our friends will make the trek from other parts of the country (yes, like California, New York, Boston, DC, Nevada, Madison – places that are more commonly referred to as “destinations” than Minneapolis). And then inevitably our house is as full as our kitchen – we bake savory shortbread, we had a custom branding iron designed with a febgiving logo so we could brand a turkey, we roast vegetables and make mashed potatoes, and argue over how many desserts is “too many” (hint: we require at least 2 pies, everything else is negotiable)

This year felt especially joyous – we spent extra time styling and planning, we had 20 some out-of-towners, we had amazing food, we had so much fun.

febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolisgingerbread in fancy shapes febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolissavory shortbread and stuffed oranges febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapoliscast iron skilled in state shapes febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolisbranding a turkey febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolistable setting febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolisgingerbread and pumpkin triffle febgiving fancy dinner party in Minneapolis


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