guthrie theater wedding reception in black box theater with dramatic lighting panorama

So, here is the deal with panoramas. I do some super large scale panoramas with 100 photos or more that make an image have a very shallow depth of field for a very interesting effect. I try those at weddings on occasion when the fates conspire to combine the right location, a little extra time, and the right couple. Those are all about the art of the panorama – creating something unexpectedly technical by combining images.

But I shoot location panoramas at almost every wedding. Occasionally, when I am waiting for photoshop to crunch together 10 images of a wedding reception set up, or a ceremony location, or the outside of a venue, I often think “why am I chopping up my workflow with this image that my couples might not even notice”

And the answer, even though people don’t always notice a panorama, is that it adds to the storytelling of the wedding day. It adds a bit of exposition and structure and texture to the whole gallery of images.

This panorama of the Guthrie Theater black box reception space, is one of my favorite examples. This is usually a working theater space, but when it is transformed into a wedding reception, the dark scaffolding disappears with the dramatic lighting that creates a whole new space, and a very strong atmosphere. A panorama makes sure that you understand what it *feels* to be there, not just what it looks like to be there. Intimate, magical, dramatic.

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