using a prism for minneapolis wedding photography outside varsity theater dinkytown

When I was a camp counselor, we called it a “bag of tricks” – you need to have a lot of ideas ready to go to on a moments notice. Sometimes you don’t need a trove of camp songs and a game that requires you to take off your shoes, but you are very happy to have them when it rains for a third day.

The “bag of tricks” is something I consciously bring to my wedding photography work. Having ideas for photographing a wedding party of 20 people, making mom feel comfortable, lighting a dark room, finding a new way to photograph a familiar space.

I’m bringing a new tool to my bag: this image was shot with a triangular prism (sometimes called a chimping technique) to bring a reflection into the image in camera (as opposed to a post processing or photoshop technique, etc). I love that it emphasized the vertical marquee and brings that line all the way through to Brooke + Adam – making them the center, reflected, of their preview wedding photo.


This is amazing!

Love this !!! ❤️❤️

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