“I’m not funny. What I am is brave.”
– Lucille Ball

I will start with the doughnuts – they were from A Bakers Wife and people didn’t even eat them before dinner. People waited until after dinner to eat the doughnuts. That is how much people love Anna and Tom- they wanted to celebrate with them MORE THAN THEY WANTED TO EAT DOUGHNUTS!

The danced to Flight of the Concords “Most beautiful girl in the room” a hilarious but also strangely poignant sentiment for a first dance.  There were 20 people in the wedding party, and each one of them was nice and involved and up for being in photos (this never happens in real life). They made very funny faces, and pressed them against the glass of the Varsity Theater bathroom stalls because I asked them to. There was so much dancing. So much. And so much to celebrate. I would do this all over again with you, Anna and Tom.

And, if you are in the market for inappropriate cross-stitch (and who isn’t), Anna has a rad shop called MN String Theory.

bride with sign I am not funny what I am is brave brother preparing wedding toast brides parents see her for first time Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-008 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-016 bridal party with gords instead of flowers Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-018 bride at loring pasta bar large wedding party of 20 people at loring pasta bar 20 person wedding party photographer Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-024 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-031 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-033 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-034 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-035 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-036 carnival squash bouquet alternative Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-038 bride father hugs her at altar Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-040 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-041 loring pasta bar ceremony loring pasta bar wedding ceremony bride Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-049 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-050 bride and groom exit loring pasta bar wedding varsity theater wedding interior varsity theater wedding interior minneapolis wedding photographer varsity theater wedding interior doughnuts from bakers wife for wedding Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-059 funny marquee at varsity theater wedding buffet dinning at varsity theater wedding exterior of varsity theater wedding maid of honor gives toast on stage wedding party on stage minneapolis wedding photographer Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-067 toast at theater minneapolis wedding photographer Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-069 Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-070 first dance at theater minneapolis wedding photographer Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-074 minneapolis wedding photographer minneapolis wedding photographer minneapolis wedding photographer bride and groom dance with reckless abandon minneapolis wedding photographer Minneapolis-wedding-photographer-varsity-theater-loring-pasta-bar-087 varsity theater bathrooms with bride and groom funny minneapolis wedding photographer bride and groom experimental photo minneapolis wedding photographer bride and groom exterior varsity theater at night minneapolis wedding photographer


Love it! These are so good and the whole wedding looks like such a hoot!

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