I love photographing weddings. I am never more fully engaged than when I have to combine the creative process with technical precision, a bit of luck, and people skills in the fleeting hours of most wedding days. I like celebrating, and I like documenting celebrations. I imagine myself doing this until I am no longer physically able to carry a camera.
And I also feel the need to create in a different way. Hearten Magazine gatherings of new north kickstarterSeveral years ago, I created the Independent Wedding Association, a local networking group of like-minded creative business owners. And now, with their support, I am heading up Hearten Magazine, a print publication focused on the gatherings of our region.I’m lucky to have Rose Daniels, a great designer and friend, to work on this project with me. We have some local creative minds, both business owners and writers, working on creating articles and pieces for the magazine. Hearten Magazine gatherings of new north kickstarterThe Hearten Magazine kickstarter is running for the next week. You can pre-order our first issue this week and support this new creative endeavor.
I would love your support.
Hearten Magazine gatherings of new north kickstarter

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