st paul wedding photographer new years eve rice park night lights
Yep, Minnesota is cold.

And yet, I choose to live here. I have actively chosen to root myself here in the upper Midwest. When you find a place you love, you choose to accept the balance of challenges and opportunities.

So, yes, it is cold. And for Sarah and Steven’s wedding there were times when I couldn’t feel my fingers, or my face, and I was laying on the ground.

But I love everything about this mix of cold night and warm hearts at their New Years Eve wedding.

Thank you, city of St Paul, for draping your trees with little lights all winter – a way of rejoicing while the cold rolls in.

And thank you Minnesota, for warm boots and hot coffee and community that makes the cold so forgettable.

Camera info: Sigma 85mm at 1.8 (for such creamy bokeh) and LED light.

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