On choosing the full catastrophe for this Minneapolis Greek Orthodox Wedding

Am I not a man? And is a man not stupid? I’m a man, so I married. Wife, children, house, everything. The full catastrophe.
– from Zorba the Greek

At some level, weddings always have to be a leap of faith. Its right there in the vows – for better or worse. You just don’t know what order or proportion those will be in, you have to make your choice and leap and hope. So, I love this quote from Zorba the Greek that Bethany and Stamatis have etched into their wedding bands. At best, life sort of is a catastrophe, but a full catastrophe sounds like its going to be a fun ride.

We started at the house they share, and then over to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden for some outdoor photos. The day was beautiful, if very warm, and Bethany and Stamatis’s wedding at the Greek Orthodox church was both intimate and formal.  The dancing is lives unmatched in excitement and passion. And there was much laughter and joy.
Minneapolis greek wedding getting ready at home Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-003 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-004 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-005 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-006 harriet rose garden wedding photos Minneapolis-greek-wedding-008 Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-010 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-011 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-012 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-013 Marys greek othodox church Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-015 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-016 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-017 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-018 interior Minneapolis greek othodox wedding Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis greek orthodox wedding Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-024 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-025 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-026 Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-029 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-030 dancing Minneapolis greek orthodox wedding dancing Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-033 dancing Minneapolis greek orthodox wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-035 dancing Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-037 dancing Minneapolis greek wedding Minneapolis-greek-wedding-039 Minneapolis-greek-wedding-040
Ceremony and Reception: St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
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