On evolving families and this Minnesota backyard wedding

Families are strange and amazing things. Even though they feel permanent, the specifics change constantly – people age and marry, new people become family, others leave or pass away. People move to new cities and states.  There is never a moment that is the platonic ideal of a family, and yet we can always recognize it as something constant in our lives. If you are very very lucky, as I believe Mike and Scott to be, you also create your own family over time. Your friends become the siblings you share, the extended family you blend with the blood relatives you cherish.

Mike and Scott were married surrounded by a vibrant and lush community of family that they have brought with them. Their relationship has already lasted decades, and so the ceremony of marriage, more than many other times, was truly an outward sign of an inward commitment they made long ago. The ceremony was in the backyard of their house, which they have designed and shared together. The reception was at District Fresh Kitchen, which showcased Scott’s design work.

There are many things to be said about their wedding – the balance of creativity and productivity that they embody, the combination of emotion and logic that they each showcase, their unbridled love of dancing. Mike occasionally become self conscious at having his photo taken, he would yell out a string of things he enjoyed, often ending with “cheesecake!” (which has lead me to write about this as my new wedding catch phrase). Basically, they are awesome.

And when I look at these photos, these photos I took and lived through, I get a pang in my chest – a feeling of such joy for two people to share so much of their lives together, to build and create a home and life with each other, and to finally being able to share that relationship legally with their community.

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I cannot get enough of the sweet ceremony shot. So lovely!!

Jessica Schilling

So great! I love it!

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