A classic flush mount album, many years later, for Shannon and Sean. Because love lasts, and albums should last, too.

This is a navy leather Storytelling album with imprinting. I chose the images for the initial design (because what is easier than not having to choose?). It did mean that I could built many of the spreads around my favorite images and it got me thinking about the nature of opportunity and challenge. Of creating art and of crafting a story. Or, as I’m thinking of it

How to take a challenge and make it into a favorite image.

CHALLENGE 1: the bright sun skyline. The Stone Arch Bridge during the day is in full sun, and with snow it is even more bright and washed out. I took other images with lighting, so I could darken the sky and increase the depth of focus. A panorama solves the problem the opposite way – the slightly too-bright background is even further out of focus, so much that it creates a dreamy cityscape that feels intentional in a different way. Bonus; the narrow depth of field created by a panorama means that the more slushy brown snow is also out of focus, so it is all about Shannon and Sean. (full page 60+ image panorama)

CHALLENGE 2: the same location blues. I shoot in the Loring Pasta Bar frequently, and Shannon and Sean had chosen me to be their photographer in part because they liked previous images there. But that means that every time I shoot a wedding there, I must seek out a different and better way to tell a story in the space. That kind of constraint leads down some interesting roads (its only a matter of time before I start shooting in the kitchen) but also means that I must be newly engaged by the space. This wall of the Loring is dark and under a huge fire door, but I had never taken photographs in it before. The gel allowed me to make the ambient light into something moody and dramatic, while the tilt shift minimized the distractions. (couple in doorway with blue background)

CHALLENGE 3: the winter slushy uglies. Look, I am not going to apologize for winter in Minneapolis. Its a season and I choose to love it, but roads in winter are brown slushy messes. By using a long exposure the streaking of car lights across the road brings movement and makes you totally forget about slushy tire tracks. Bonus: it covers the cars parked in front of the theater. (Marquee at night)

The rest of the album is full of all the people that make a wedding truly great – the toasts, and the ceremony, and the family photos.


Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album Navy Leather Minneapolis Wedding Album

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