On telling the story of your business through editorial business portraits

One thing I learned from shooting profile images for Lake Superior Flavors is this: people like to have stories about businesses where they spend their money. It doesn’t matter if you are a cheesemaker, a restaurant owner, or a financial adviser – people want to have a story that they can relate to when they do business. That story is generally about shared values, but it needs to be real and it helps to be visual.

Presenting your business story means dedicating a few hours of business time to editorial and lifestyle business images for your company. Sometimes you need to go beyond the traditional headshot to showcase the character of your business and bring a sense of engagement to professional profile images. The lifestyle imagery was able to be used for the business website, social media, and external communications.

These editorial business portraits session involved a traditional set of headshots for each employee, as well as lifestyle imagery and editorial headshots for the management team.
midwest editorial business portraits midwest editorial business portraits midwest-editorial-business-portraits-3 midwest editorial business portraits midwest-editorial-business-portraits-5

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