Behind the scenes of a wedding album: Ashlie and Adam’s Simple Wedding Album

Wedding albums make me think of Tale of Two Cities- it is the best of times for wedding albums, and the worst of time for wedding albums. The innovation and creativity and craftsmanship of wedding albums has perhaps never been higher. And while I am thrilled with the selection of Japanese silk cover options, it actually means that the images and the memories are better preserved than ever before inside a protective beautiful display of an album.

That same innovation has also led to a proliferation of consumer albums – the press printed books to remember a vacation have started to occupy the “preserve your wedding memories” space. What they give in accessibility and affordability they take in longevity – press printed books are not made to last for the next generation.

And lest you think I am just complaining about kids these days – I love press printed books – I keep them for my own family vacations or yearly gifts. They are an amazing way to look through favorite images for a few years. But I know they will warp and fade and eventually be tossed out as we replace them with new memories.

All of that is to say, there is a reason that images, developed into photographic paper, last and that magazines fade over time. And that is why I only offer flush mount albums, even for smaller more simple albums.

So here is Ashlie and Adam’s simple wedding album – one image per page, faux leather cover, straightforward, and archival.

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