In honor of Julie and Brion’s wedding, featuring a lovingly paired 6 course dinner at Sanctuary restaurant, I present a photo from their wedding and rules for pairing food and wine. Perhaps, also a delicious and delightful blueprint for a marriage. (Adapted from the wikihow article).

The right wine can enhance a dish to perfection. While there are no hard and fast rules on matching food and wine because it’s ultimately a matter of personal taste, there are basic guidelines on what wine connoisseurs and food lovers consider make good choices.

  1. Start with an open mind
  2. Understand what matters when assessing the affinity of a wine with food
  3. Know how to taste food and wine together
  4. Know your taste experience
  5. Deepen your pairing knowledge by discovering nuances
  6. Plan the meal and wine


Minneapolis Club and Sanctuary Restaurant wedding

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