On the stress of planning couples portraits, and pre-wedding City Portraits Minneapolis

Often, weddings are the first time you have had your photo professionally taken since high school, maybe earlier. Perhaps you have not thought since then about how you want to present yourself in photos, and now you also need to consider your partner, and your life together, and how you want that to be captured and remembered. Questions abound – what do you wear? how do you stand? when should you take photos? will you look like yourselves?

Given how much of ourselves we share online, it can feel like a definitive branding exercise for you as a couple.

So, yeah, even when you are excited about them, planning for couple portraits or engagement photos or wedding photos can feel kind of stressful.

I like to lean into those feelings – to find the opportunities there and reconstruct that stress into something enjoyable.

Like Sarah and John’s pre-wedding city portraits in Minneapolis. Their remote Boundary Waters wedding was to involve hiking and portaging and camping and only a few very close friends. So for their portraits they wanted something that brought in more of the urban style of their lives – showing off the city of Minneapolis, their awesome wedding duds, and their total happiness with each other.

We jaunted around the Stone Arch Bridge, around St Anthony Main and the Guthrie theater – playing with different views of the skyline, different ways to bring in the old mill history of this part of town with the modern condo-and-glass buildings. A little city, a little nature, a lot of walking and talking and enjoying a lovely afternoon.

city portraits minneapolis
Old grain-silos-turned-condos dot the edges of Minneapolis’s downtown. They are the past and the future of city living along the Mississippi. Also, pretty architecturally interesting.
city portraits minneapolis
Bringing the modern skyline into the historic stone arch bridge space, one brick lined archway at a time for these city portraits.

city portraits minneapolis city portraits minneapolis

city portraits minneapolis
60+ image panorama from the stone arch bridge – clouds, skyline, joy

city portraits minneapolis city portraits minneapolis city portraits minneapolis city portraits minneapolis city portraits minneapolis

city portraits minneapolis
Silhouetted drama at the Guthrie Theater’s Amber box.

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These are lovely and capture so much variety of the city!

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