2018 – Best Of Weddings

I’m totally humbled by the people who have trusted me to document their weddings this year. Despite the public nature of weddings, they remain a very intimate and raw act, and choosing a photographer to capture those moments is also an act of faith and trust. I feel that responsibility, and I’m just truly grateful.

Also, if I’m honest, there is a lot of fun – dancing, and so much laughter. Live bands and canoe rides and snow storms and adventures.

I’m also grateful for all the beautiful places and really talented colleagues I worked with this year. Thanks to my second shooters who enabled me to be more focused, who captured other angles, and who always shared their coffee with me.

I remain mostly in Minneapolis, but made it as far as Maine this year for an amazing wedding in the woods by Acadia National Park.

So, just, thank you.

Hoping 2019 has adventures that equal this.