The Cure for Boredom Is Curiosity. There Is No Cure for Curiosity
– Dorothy Parker

I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for a decade. 10 years so far of documenting happy moments and celebrations.

In that time I’ve had my shoes mistakenly abducted from a wedding, sewed a bridesmaid into her dress when the zipper failed, tied dozens of bow ties and one cravat, photographed the children of couples whose weddings I’ve photographed, cried a little, and laughed a great deal.

I feel so lucky to work with such awesome couples and families.

And I have never once been bored.

Every wedding I shoot, every family that I photograph, every image that I edit, has to be a little better than the one before. Sometimes that feels like a burden, but most of the time it feels like a challenge.

Because in those 10 years I have only had one client along for every photoshoot, and that client is me. I need to stay curious and to stay challenged so that I don’t just do what works; I have to try new things.

All of which is to say, 2018 is gonna be awesome. 2019 even better.

Now back to my editing cave and an excellent spring.

minneapolis wedding photographer
Silhouettes and love, Minneapolis Wedding, December 2017

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