Nicole and Tim and their winter wedding at the St Paul College Club, now preserved for future generations in their navy blue wedding album.

There are so many companies now that can create wedding books (sometimes called albums, more on that in a minute). On a personal level, its really fun to throw together images from a trip, or my latest instagram posts, and put them into a book to share at family reunions. My husband puts together a book a year with some of our highlights.

But I know that those books won’t last. That isn’t the purpose of those quick books – the goal is that they are easy, and quick, and cheap.

With that in mind, the only albums I provide are flush mount albums. The pages are developed as photographs onto archival photo paper, the pages have UV coating, and the covers provide protection against light and touch.

So, yes, enjoy the press printed books of your year in review! I certainly do.

But if you want to show your grandkids your wedding photos – photos of the relatives they never had a chance to meet, photos of your amazing dancing or laughter filled social hour – then the way you print and preserve those images matter.

I really love Nicole and Tim’s album- Navy Blue leather with their names embossed on the cover. Classic and simple and elegant all at the same time, just like their wedding!

Cheers to the future!

flush mount wedding album navy leather
I totally dig a classic imprinted cover on wedding albums. They keep the front simple and clean. This is a navy leather.
flush mount wedding album navy leather
Wedding albums tell stories – starting with setting the scene and giving a sense of place and pacing.
flush mount wedding album navy leather
A little mix of some of the portraits.
flush mount wedding album navy leather
I like designs to be simple whenever possible – two images, two happy people, two page spread.
wedding album and parent album
Sometimes a parent album should be a total duplicate of the main album, but sometimes it just makes sense to choose something more casual, like this stone linen.
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