The constant balance between how to live and how to present your life on social media is so exhausting.

Maybe never more so than as a small business owner when she is a pregnant woman.

I had a baby in March. She is a lovely small healthy lady and we are thrilled to have her in our family

Having a baby while running a business isn’t exhausting, but deciding how much to talk about it can be. For me, having discussions about pregnancy and birth plans and sleepless nights isn’t something I want to present to people who are just finding me. Because it doesn’t really inform the business I run. The business I run makes plans, makes contingencies for those plans, and anticipates as many hiccups as possible.

I talk with people all the time about work life balance.

It is honestly the same approach that most of my male colleagues take as they plan for their growing families, but they just don’t have to explain the physical side or get a new set of pregnancy clothes to wear to weddings.

So now that I am on the other side of the huge adjustment, I’d like to introduce baby Geneva. She and I (and the rest of the family!) are settling into a routine. I took some time off of everything but email, and now I’m back to the new balance of things and looking forward to the rest of 2018!

when a wedding photographer is pregnant



Congrats on your new sidekick, Becca! And yay for not oversharing about baby stuff as you tend her and your business.

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