6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos

Here is the thing about looking comfortable – it is much easier to do if you actually *feel* comfortable! That means that we all want the same thing – for you to be comfortable and actually have a good time. I’ve got 6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos.

Think about your engagement photos as an extension of what you like doing together as a couple, but this time with a photographer there as well.

My job is to not get in your way.

Tip for feeling comfortable #1: You can do something different

We all look at photos all. the. time. Your photos do not have to look like your friend’s engagement photos. In fact, they shouldn’t! Your sweetie and you are unique, and your photos should be, too.

Tips for feeling comfortable #2: Choose a location that means something to you

To get started, think about what you like to do together – taking walks, biking by your apartment, cooking together, grabbing a beer, going out for a night on the town?
Maybe we start with a canoe at Lake of the Isles and then walk along the shore, or we walk around downtown and then go out for a beer, or we grab a craft cocktail and a hit the Stone Arch Bridge at night. Locations with options (walking, sitting, shaded, textures) are best, but locations that are fun for you as a couple (your favorite trail, your first date location, the local cocktail room) are even better. Nothing is off the table – from hanging out in your backyard garden to playing in your unfinished kitchen or setting up a tent at dusk.

Tips for feeling comfortable #3: Choose an activity, particularly something if it involves ice cream, or a drink

Nothing feels more like a chore than an undifferentiated mass of time labeled on your calendar as “engagement photos”. Instead, think about this outing as something that you like to do. Need some extra help feeling comfy? Start at the brewpub or end at an ice cream place.

Tips for feeling comfortable #4: Bring less

Leave your extra keys, bulky wallet, sunglasses and everything you can in your car, or even leave them at home. We’ll take photos while you are walking around, and having pockets full of items or a bag in your hands means taking extra time and getting out of the moment. You won’t need anything but each other and a good attitude.

Tips for feeling comfortable #5: Don’t overthink your clothes, but you do need to think about your clothes

Comfort will mean different things to different folks, but it is hard to look relaxed when you are worried about your buttons gapping or your sweater hanging too loose. Make sure your clothes feel good on you. You can certainly coordinate colors if you want, but in general, any solid colors or small patterns, especially bold colors (green, pink, blue) look great.

This is the odd ball recommendation, but I find that an outfit will feel more styled if there are layers by your neck or shoulders. This might be an interesting neck line, a scarf, necklace, collar or interesting detailing. In short – make sure your fantastic outfit extends close to your face so that close-up shots still have something going on.

Tips for feeling comfortable #6: Make it a party

if you’ve got a pup, make sure they come along for some of the photos (bring a wrangler, too, so that we can also have photos of just the two of you). Or invite your crew to join you at the brewery for a victory pint when the photos are over. Your relationship isn’t in a vacuum, and your engagement photos don’t have to be, either.