About Becca

I love people. I love problem solving. I love creating.

In 2006, I realized I could put these things together as a wedding photographer – finding the unique moments, engaged by the opportunities, pushed to be creative – all while helping people celebrate. And providing the photographic evidence of all the fun they had.

That was 15 years ago, and I still love working with couples, their families, and their communities. I am constantly stretched creatively, and I feel honored to document so many stories.

becca dilley photography bio photo on stairs minneapolis

I’m the photographer for several books including  The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin, and Lake Superior Flavors, both involved long car trips with my husband, Jim. Ask me your questions about cheese, smoked fish, and road trips – I’ll have opinions.

I am a founding photographer with HeavyTable.com, a local food magazine and newsletter, and my work has appeared locally and nationally in publications like Saveur and the Wall Street Journal.

I am dedicated to providing and affirming and safe space for people in the LGBTQ+ community. You can see recent LGBTQ+ weddings here. Let me know how I can be the most helpful in capturing your story!

In 2016, I won a blue ribbon for my canned watermelon pickles at the Minnesota State Fair.

Some of my best photos have been taken in rain, surrounded by mosquitoes, next to dumpsters, and with only 30 second to spare.

I’ve been named in the top wedding photographers locally by Minnesota Bride, Expertise.com, Peerspace, Three Top Rated, and Wedding Rule.

Photos are how you’ll share celebrations with your friends, family, and future generations, and I take that responsibility extremely seriously. Everything else will be fun.

becca dilley photography bio photo minneapolis