About Me


Magical images happen in many ways. I photograph gorgeous locations and happy people, but I also like making sure that you laugh a lot, that photos happen efficiently, and that the photographic part of your day is stress free.

I’ve been a full time wedding photographer since 2006. I’ve photographed literally hundreds of weddings, and each one still feels like a unique opportunity to work with couples and their families to tell the story of their wedding in images.

I believe that every challenge is an opportunity.

Some of my best photos have been taken in rain, surrounded by mosquitoes, next to dumpsters, and with only 30 second to spare.

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In 2016, I won a blue ribbon for my canned watermelon pickles at the Minnesota State Fair.

I’m the photographer for several books including  The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin, and Lake Superior Flavors, both involved long car trips with my husband, Jim. Ask me your questions about cheese, smoked fish, and road trips – I’ll have opinions.

Photos are how you’ll share celebrations with your friends, family, and future generations, and I take that responsibility extremely seriously. Everything else will be fun.


Here is my deal: I take two kinds of images.

First, documenting moments is my jam. All of the natural candid images should feel familiar and comfortable when you look through them – you should be able to relive the amazing day that you had.

Next, I look for unexpected images – making extraordinary images is my specialty. Let’s create images that are bold and full of emotion and space!

But Becca, images speak for themselves! Why bother writing all this? Because what you can’t see directly is the special sauce that sets me apart as a photographer. It is the core of what’s made me a successful wedding photographer, making clients happy for over 10 years.

My special sauce is this:

I care about making your wedding day awesome. Its probably not as mind-blowing as you were expecting, and yet your comfort matters to me. That’s why I’ll always give you more effort – through planning, time-management, suggestions, energy, and support, to ensure your day feels flawless, easy, and fun. I’ll handle the photo stuff so you can be fully-present for your wedding.

Trust is the foundation of any great relationship – for us, it enables me to capture the raw emotions, quiet connections, hilarious interactions, and bold imagery that I’m known for. 

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