The Soul Becomes Dyed with the color of its thoughts – 2017 favorite photos

Favorite photos and quote from 2017 in full color 2017 was a good year for stoicism – finding happiness where you are, knowing the only thing you can change is yourself. And so I come to the end of the year and find, looking back, that I am deeply touched by this quote from Marcus…

Gale Mansion Wedding Minneapolis -Cordelia and Jacob

Cordelia and Jacob, and their fall Gale Mansion Wedding in Minneapolis. This is one of those times where a picture really does tell a thousand words, and I can’t quite compete with how joyful and emotional and lovely their celebration was. Also the dancing was VERY exuberant, which is perhaps the biggest compliment I can…

2020 PORCH Sessions

NEW PORCH SESSIONS | 300  Look, its 2020, and gathering with family is complicated. I’m offering porch sessions the two weekends after Thanksgiving. You gather with your family, and I’ll come to you – quick photos in front of your home. I also bring a studio backdrop and finish the session with a timeless portrait to…

Why weddings are forever changed: Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding

As we think about what weddings will look like “on the other side” of this pandemic, I’m excited to think about what we will take with us as a culture from this time of difficulty and clarity.

Are weddings forever changed?

. . . and no!

In the realm of things I failed to blog before the pandemic, Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding has been at the top of my list.

Small Minneapolis City Hall wedding and brewery reception – Marie and Andrew

Marie and Andrew’s City Hall wedding was pre-pandemic, so it was small but not socially distanced. What would the photos look like if I had shot it during restrictions? Definitely more masks during the cocktail hour and the ceremony. Otherwise, very similar – small group, outside photos when we can.


As we begin gathering again, particularly for weddings, we know there are no ways to gather without risk. We also have some good information from the CDC about managing those risks.

Let’s talk about how these risks might apply to a specific setting: wedding group photos during COVID-19.

These are some thoughts for couples planning their gatherings and considering family photos or wedding party group photos.

Como Conservatory Wedding – Katie and Jason’s small wedding in St Paul

Katie and Jason were ahead of the curve – intimate wedding at Como Conservatory (in the sunken garden – the best smelling wedding venue in the world) and a reception at a restaurant in Cathedral Hill.

7 Vines Vineyard Wedding – Delano MN

If you are looking at a vineyard for your MN wedding celebration, this 7 vines vineyard wedding shows off how much fun a summer party can be.

Chosen as one of 3 best wedding photographers in Minneapolis!

You picked through the detritus of the inter webs and have found me! As thrilling as it is to be chosen among the Best wedding photographers in Minneapolis, the real honor is documenting weddings for amazing couples

Round barn Farm MN Wedding – Amy and Tim

I’ve been longing for the sensations of this wedding at Round Barn on Minnesota summer day – the smell of warm earth and pine, a breeze the rustles leaves and hair and fancy dresses. Long long days that melt into dusk and still feel limitless. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.…