Stillwater Library Wedding {Katrina + Andy}

Singing is so ephemeral – you can’t ever recreate the feeling of being at a choir, experiencing that sound happening in real time. And love is much the same way – an experience that has no tangible evidence, but is deeply moving and life altering. All of which is to day, I knew that Katrina and Andy’s Stillwater wedding was going to be something spectacular when I learned that their friends had assembled a “pick up” choir to perform during the ceremony. Katrina + Andy were surrounded by many amazing things for their wedding – perhaps most notably the things…

Como Park Conservatory Wedding {Lindsay + Phillip}

Lindsay and Phillip have had many memorable days at Como Park – a first date, Phillip’s proposal, and now their wedding. A truly gorgeous and joyous place for the start of their marriage! Ceremony: Bethlehem Lutheran Church Reception: Como Park Conservatory

Memorial Union Tripp Commons Wedding {Liesl + Emmett}

Liesl and Emmett are have an extraordinary resilience and love. During the months before their wedding, Emmett’s father was diagnosed with the cancer that would ultimately take his life.  Seemingly by sheer force of will, he was able to celebrate Liesl and Emmett’s wedding on a beautiful sunny day. I am humbled by the joy and happiness that Liesl and Emmett bring to all their days, and particularly to their wedding day. I can think of no better way to celebrate life and all its hardships and joys than hand in hand with the ones you love, dancing. Thank you…

Loring Pasta Bar wedding ceremony – Heidi + Nick

The wedding party was neatly arranged – a pleasant balance of height and color – I snapped a picture, and then a swarm of runners raced past. We had inadvertently posed at the start of a 5K, and the wedding party cheered them on. And thus began Nick and Heidi’s wedding. They may be accountants and natural planners, but they allow a lot of spontaneity to pop in, and that makes for a beautiful combination. ABOUT THEIR LORING WEDDING The Loring restaurant is one of the most unique spaces in the country for a wedding ceremony. Guests always are shocked…

Guthrie Theater Wedding {Liz + Dan}

Sometimes, you just know a day is going to go well. And sometimes, you know that a day is going to be a lot of work. I knew right away that Liz and Dan’s wedding day would be both. Their friends and wedding party were fun from the beginning, and the Guthrie is a joy to shoot at. But I knew it would be a lot of work because I had decided weeks before that I needed to do whatever it took to get a photo of them in the Guthrie theater windows at night. “Whatever it took” turned out…

Torpedo Room Tiki Bar at Eat Street Social

Client: The Heavy Table’s preview of the new Torpedo Room at Eat Street Social Details: Photograph general vibe, decor, drinks, and process in this new Minnesota inspired Tiki Bar Goals: Balance the bright tiki theme with the adult drinks program, convey a sense of energy and “otherness” while still making approachable images.

Summer on the Stone Arch Bridge {Andrea + Justin engagement}

Andrea + Justin were such lovely companions around the stone arch bridge. I am sure they will bring this much joy and brightness to their wedding this month!

Nicollet Island Engagement Photos at night {Katrina + Andy}

I often end up at similar places in Minneapolis for engagement photos, and yet the images I take are so influenced by the people in them that I’m never tired of walking the same steps. Katrina and Andy couldn’t have chosen a better late summer evening – warm billowy dusk into cool, blue skies for some night portraits.