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Minneapolis Warehouse Theater Wedding – Jess + Luke Full Weddings Shooting frequently in the same places can either be a challenge or a repetition. I feel so lucky to have clients who ge READ MORE Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and Varsity Theater Wedding {Elyse + PJ} featured I think Elyse + PJ might hold the record for most times a couple said "lets get this party started" at a wedding. Which READ MORE And then we dance {Katie + Ross} featured "You were so fun to work with and..we miss you" an unconventional way to email your photographer after your wedding, but READ MORE Live music, vintage theater, and snow wedding {Susan + Levi} featured If music be the food of love, play on - Susan + Levi's wedding at Loring Pasta Bar and Varsity Theater. READ MORE Minneapolis Vintage Theater Wedding with Batman Light {Andrea + Justin} featured The Varsity Theater is dripping with atmosphere, and it attracts really great couples - Andrea and Justin are no excepti READ MORE Loring Pasta Bar wedding ceremony {Heidi + Nick} featured The wedding party was neatly arranged - a pleasant balance of height and color - I snapped a picture, and then a swarm o READ MORE Minneapolis winter wedding at Varsity Theater {Shannon + Sean} featured Shannon + Sean put effort into the little things that mattered to them (like Sean's amazing ring made from Elk horn, or READ MORE Varsity Theater Wedding Minneapolis {Jessica & Mike} featured "For the rest of our days" is the question that Mike asked Jessica when they got engaged, and the promise they made to e READ MORE