COVID in 2021 – what to expect for photography and your wedding

Let’s keep things as safe as possible so that we can celebrate together now and in the future

Since 2021 is a constantly evolving beast, I’m anticipating that couples will take a lot of different paths to realize their 2021 weddings and events. I wanted to keep you updated on my approach to documenting your celebrations and supporting the decisions that feel right for you and your partner! 

Here are some answers to questions a lot of couples have about their wedding photography in 2021.


Yes, every challenge is an opportunity. And 2020 brought challenges that are hard to reconcile. For couples planning their wedding, I witnessed some of the remarkable and creative ways that they adapted their celebrations, and also many of the difficult choices they made along the way. I feel honored to document so many intimate weddings and elopements. For small businesses, too, the challenges continue as regulations and norms continue to shift.

And yet, I do see opportunities. I see new ones on the horizon as options for familiar celebrations begin to reappear, and also in the creativity that we are all bringing forward as we consider weddings to be made of many pieces – lets make sure to bring the most important pieces with us.

2020 taught us lessons we wouldn’t have learned any other way, and I cannot wait to celebrate with you safely and heartily in 2021 and beyond.


COVID in 2021: We are going ahead with our plans, but the details might change. 

Cool, I think that makes sense! Let’s keep in touch as regulations and logistics become more clear. 

COVID in 2021: We are going to reschedule our 2021 wedding. 

If you choose to reschedule your wedding or events, let’s coordinate a new date that works for you. The retainer you have already paid will be applied to your new date and we can just change the contract to reflect your new date!

COVID in 2021: We are changing the size of our wedding – we are choosing to elope (or we are choosing to have a small wedding)

Great! Let’s apply your retainer to the smaller event and change your contract/package to reflect a new scope for your wedding. I’ve documented many small weddings and elopements, and I’d love to capture images for you! 

COVID in 2021: What if someone has to be in quarantine during the scheduled event? 

If a possible exposure/illness/quarantine keeps your wedding from happening, then we can simply move the date to a new date where I am available. If I am not able to photograph your wedding due to possible exposure/illness/quarantine then I will do my best to find a suitable replacement that you approve of. 

COVID in 2021: What are you doing for safety? 

Masks: I wear a mask at all times when I am at events and weddings.

Surface Contact: I frequently wash my hands and use hand sanitizer. If items need to be placed on the ground, I am conscious of choosing locations that are away from other individuals. 

Distance: I maintain a 6ft distance from all people as much as possible.

Outdoors: Whenever possible. I will suggest that photos be taken outside, particularly larger groupings. Minimizing indoor time is a goal. 

Group Posing: I understand that individuals have different levels of risk tolerance, and so I believe it makes sense for individuals to decide how comfortable they are being close to one another for photography. I will offer all groups the option of being photographed at 6ft distance. If individuals would like to be photographed closer together, I am also happy to take that photo. I won’t ask anyone to remove their mask if they’re uncomfortable doing so. Check out my longer article about group photos during COVID-19.

Eating: Because I need to remove my mask to eat, I will either refrain from eating (for smaller weddings or shorter periods of time) or eat away from other guests.

Meetings and Consultation: Lets catch up virtually! I’m free for email, video chatting, phone, carrier pigeon -whatever works for you.

Mandates: In the unlikely event that a mandate changes my ability to document your event or your ability to host your event in the way you would prefer, we will discuss options.

COVID in 2021: More resources that might be helpful:

If you have any suggestions of things I can add to this list, please let me know!