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Events and Food

Documenting local events, food, and the people that make it happen in the Upper Midwest

Many years ago, I read about the “shipwreck coast” of Michigan, and became enamored of the rugged nature of Lake Superior. That draw eventually would become the basis for the book “Lake Superior Flavors” (University of MN press, 2014) in which we drove around the lake several times in a quest to tell the food stories and how they relate to life on such an unforgiving body of water. As photographer and co-author, I did some planning, lots of driving, and documented both the interview subjects and the trip itself. On location photography and lighting of subjects included farmers, fisherman, chefs, bakers, cheesemakers, and food artisans. Photos were taken on boats, with goats, and in a lot of dark restaurants.

Likewise, a combination of photography and road tripping led to the creation of “Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin” (University of Wisconsin press, 2009).

I love documenting food culture and I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of organizations, as well as directing my own photo projects. Notably, I’ve been involved in “The Checklist Project” for Heavy Table, in which I worked with an illustrator and two writers over the course of several years as we ate our way through every independent restaurant on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis, University Ave/ Greenline in St Paul, and Lake Street in Minneapolis.

My work has appeared nationally in publications including Saveur, Culture, Driftless, and Food + Wine. My true love is the Upper Midwest, and I’ve worked with creative organizations in the region including the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Explore Minnesota, Wisconsin Cheese Originals, Chef Camp, and a variety of media and advertising organizations.

I love documenting local artisans, events, and creators – please contact me for more information.