High School Senior Photographer Minneapolis and St Paul

High School Senior Photographer Minneapolis and St Paul – Paired down portraits that bring a modern, urban, natural feel with an elevated vibe.

Fierce and sweet, mature and immature, a good graduation portrait sessions covers a lot of ground.

Some smiling happy photos to put on relatives mantles, some laughter filled joyous images to show off your fun side, and some fiery, serious portraits to show how grown up you are now.

Its a big range of emotions to have in the span of a few hours, but that is part of the fun of high school senior photos. Even the most moody of portrait sessions should involve a lot of laughter, too.


I’s had the opportunity to talk with photographers from Canada and parts of Europe about high school senior photos and discovered that senior graduation photos are a pretty unique American tradition.

Perhaps, as a country, we like to think of things in more concrete terms – a before and an after, a start and an end. The transformation from child to adult is an arduous one, something that can take many years (or for some, a whole lifetime). There isn’t a clear start or an end.

And yes, high school is probably the closest we can come to putting a name on it, to tying the beginning of adulthood down and planting a flag that says “adult now”


Your senior photos should be a reflection of the stuff you love – your favorite spaces, your beloved activities, clothes you feel awesome in. But they are also a recognition of you as a new adult, and so portrait sessions have to feel totally comfortable to get your real expressions, your total fierce face, your belly laughs – all those things that show off the authentic you.

We will start by figuring out locations that really speak to you, and then we will spend some time photographing in those spaces. Your parents or a friend are welcome to come along, too!


Q: Do I get the files for my senior photo session?
A: Yes, I include the digital files in high resolution with all the full sessions. Short sessions include a selection of files with the option to purchase more.

Q: Will you submit my senior photo to my school for me?
A: Most people find it easiest to give me the file sizing information, and then I can send them the files for their schools. I can also send them directly to your school if you give me all the contact information!

Q: How much time will the senior photo session take?
A: Full sessions are generally 1-2 hours at locations of your choice. I also offer SHORT portrait sessions at Minnehaha Falls most Thursday nights in the summer. Those are 15 minutes long.

Q: What is the cost for senior photos?
A: Full portrait session costs $625. I also offer 15 minute SHORT portrait sessions at Minnehaha Falls for $220.

Q: How long to I have to wait to see the photos?
A: Usually about 2 weeks for all the photos, but I preview a few images on instagram after the session.

Q: How do I sign up for a senior portrait session?
A: Just get in touch! Find me on Instagram or email me through my contact form!