couple outside pavillion hilltop wedding spring green

Hilltop Spring Green Wedding

Allison and Marcus's wedding in Spring Green, WI

Through a geographic fluke, the glaciers that flattened much of the midwest failed to level off the Spring Green area, and so the topography is hilly and just a touch wild feeling – something untouched and remote, but beautiful.

Now, it holds Taliesin, a gorgeous open-air shakespeare theater, and is dotted with Frank Lloyd Wright designed and derived spaces.

Allison and Marcus spent hours making one of those places, Hilltop, into as welcoming and personal a space as a wedding could be. If you believe, as I do, that you can judge people by the friends that they keep, then Allison and Marcus are both lucky and deserving. A truly lovely couple for a singularly stunning space.

Awesome Rentals: A la crate rentals
AV: Event Essentials
Venue: The Hilltop
Transportation: Kobussen
Catering: Enos Farms
PhotoBooth: Traveling Photo Booth
Floral: daffodil parker
Dessert: Batch Bakehouse