My top 3 breakfast spots for 2016 – out of town wedding guests guide to breakfast

out of town wedding guests guide to breakfast

Introducing my out of town wedding guests guide to breakfast

Yep, I’m pretty into food. Like, I’m married to the editor of Heavy Table and so we think about food all the time.

If you have family and friends coming in from out of town for your wedding, I’ve got some ideas and opinions about where you might want to tell them to go. I always have an emphasis on places that will show off the cosmopolitan side of Minneapolis – St Paul and also make your local relatives feel welcome. Good food should make you feel happy at any price point.

So here are my top three recommendations for places to bring your out of town wedding guests for breakfast:

Patisserie 46 (South Minneapolis)
You want to impress your jet setting friends with an authentic French baguette or fruit tarte but you also want a
casual “let’s just stop in for coffee and a pastry” vibe. Make sure to save room for the almond croissant. Space is
tight, so get cozy or arrive early.
out of town wedding guests guide to breakfast patisserie 46 breakfast recommendations

Haute Dish (downtown Minneapolis)
This chef-driven restaurant is known for their outlandish meat dishes, but every weekend they serve my favorite
brunch with enough eggs and potatoes to cure even the most raucous rehearsal dinner. And, impress everyone
else and order your bloody mary with a “chef skewer,” a meal unto itself.
haute dish restaurant interior breakfast recommendations

Isles Bun and Coffee (Uptown Minneapolis)
This tiny storefront only makes cinnamon rolls. There won’t be a place to sit down, there will be a line. Order the
puppy dog tails (cinnamon twists) and a coffee, get the extra cream cheese frosting, and walk around Uptown.
Make sure you get extra napkins, too.

If you like my out of town wedding guests guide to breakfast I’ve also put together recommendations for lunch and dinner plus a sampling of other food related happenings in the Twin Cities to use for a night out or as a resource for your out of town guests.