Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding- Brianna and Joe


Before I talk about the gorgeous summer celebration that was Brianna and Joe’s Theodore Wirth wedding, let me make a quick photo rant:

Over and over again, I hear couples ask about tricky lighting situations and dark spaces. What will it be like when the sun sets, what about the dark ceremony space?

Those are absolutely things that couples should worry about when they are finding a wedding photographer. And even though the specific answers can matter a lot, there are a lot of right answers.

The most important part is HOW your photographer answers you – are they concerned about changing your day or hoping for the right conditions? Or are they able to capture something amazing however your day unfolds?

And so I talk a lot about the ways in which I am a problem solver as well as a photography – documenting the day that you are planning.

couple dancing in with the skyline behind them at night Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding
Dancing with the skyline with the one you love most
recessional theodore wirth park chalet wedding
Just Married at Theo Wirth chalet!

Over the years, I’ve focused a lot on the darker spaces I photograph, I began talking a lot about lighting – about finding unexpected ways to light and photograph spaces, about shooting in dark spaces, and at night; about not being worried about complicated spaces.

And that is true, I love problem solving in challenging spaces, bringing in light and dark to create images that make you feel like you are right there in the mix of things.

But let me also say this: sometimes the challenge is to capture the feeling of the sun filtering through the leaves, to capture the warmth of the summer and the joy of the brightness.

dancing on golf course at theodore wirth park
Ending the night with a dance on the golf green at Thodore Wirth Park

To know which tools to use to capture this day, and these two people and their families and guests.

Because having a good tool is only useful if you know when to use it, and when to leave it be.


Theodore Wirth park is part of the Minneapolis parks system, and (in my opinion) among the classiest buildings weddings and events in a park setting. It has large timber beams and an overall lodge feel, and the fireplace is a perfect backdrop for ceremonies and dancing.

green door of Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding welcomes guests to the ceremony
The green doors of the Theodore Wirth Chalet are of of my favorite details of weddings at this awesome space. Minneapolis wedding photographer Becca Dilley

The lower level houses the equipment for the public golf course that surrounds the chalet, so there are occasional golf carts whizzing by the paths.

When the weather is nice, the terrace is probably the best place to be in Minneapolis. That even more true as night sets in and the view of old oaks gives way to a night sky.

bride and groom hold each other sweetly before their Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding

Location: Theodore Wirth Chalet
Dress: BHLDN
Suit: Atmosfere
Catering: Chowgirls Catering
Cake and Desserts: Buttercream Bakery

ceremony Outdoor Minneapolis Wedding
Wedding ceremony with the tudor chalet details in Theodore Wirth Chalet , Minneapolis wedding photographer Becca Dilley
grandma Outdoor Minneapolis Wedding
officant Outdoor Minneapolis Wedding
interior of reception set up for wedding dinner Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding
bride and groom have first dance inside Theodore Wirth Chalet Wedding

Planning a wedding at Theodore Wirth Chalet?