Return of SHORT portrait sessions!

Mix and Match your Minneapolis short portrait sessions to suit your summer

Minneapolis short portraits all summer long!

I have this thing that happens on social media – I unexpectedly see something I want, then I get decision paralasis about signing up, then forget until it’s too late.

Decision fatigue is real, especially if you have a busy schedule or many demands on your time!

Over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with the best ways to organize portraits sessions for the busy couples and active families that I love to photograph! I’ve discovered that the biggest hurdle to scheduling is literally the amount of work it takes to schedule! Finding dates, coordinating with everyone, seeing if the date is still free, signing up, finding a rain date, choosing a location – it can be endless!

So, welcome to SHORT portrait sessions all summer long! I offer portrait sessions on a schedule as long as the weather is nice. That means most Thursday nights I offer sessions at Minnehaha Falls. On one weekend a month I offer morning sessions at local parks. You can see the whole summer and fall at a glance. And if something comes up between now and then, just choose a different date.

I hope that Minneapolis short portraits are a part of your summer plans, and they leave room for a lot of enjoying your summer (without all the planning)!

Upcoming SHORT portrait dates:

Sunday May 21 (Boom Island)
Thursday May 25 (Minnehaha Falls)
Thursday June 15 (M’haha Falls)
Thursday June 22 (M’haha Falls)
Sunday July 2 (Hidden Falls)