Silverwood Park Wedding

The best explanation for Kristen + Brad’s Silverwood Park wedding would be meticulous planning, and then being open to the spontaneity of being surrounded by all your closest friends and family. And that is a truly admirable combination – beautifully chosen to be slightly rustic with traditional elements, and then the occasional chipmunk, very energetic dancing, and a lot of laughter. 

I had such a fun time working with these two: I know the future holds some well planned and very fun days ahead! 


I’ve been thrilled to photograph several weddings at Silverwood Park. And every one is totally unique.

But all weddings at Silverwood park share this: it is a space that beckons guests to linger on the patio and laugh during cocktail hour.

It brings a vibe that invites everyone to dance, and then cool off outside with a s’more.

Combining nature and structure in a very Minnesota way – Silverwood is a lovely space for celebrating!

bride and groom at night at silverwood park minneapolis
Creating this image was a bit of a technical challenge – I had my assistant (thanks, Meg!) hold a LED with a warm gel so that the sky would be perfect blue to compliment the warmth of this embrace. Yes, I spend a lot of time crouched down in grasses, this time with a tilt-shift lens to bring in a more interesting depth of field and specific focus.

August in Minnesota can be unpredictable, but if you can avoid the thunderstorms, tornadoes, and occasional hail, then you can be pretty certain you will get the humidity. But not if you wait until the sun goes down. After the dancing started, I ducked down in the grasses, and Kristen + Brad could snuggle up.

bride walks up gold medal park hill to see groom for the first time before their silverwood park wedding
a first look by the gold medal sign in minneapolis
bride and groom on gold medal park
Interior of silverwood park main room set up for wedding
Silverwood park ballroom set up for the party
flash composite of wedding part at silverwood park
4 image flash composite to bring extra detail to this Silverwood Park Wedding!
flowergirl being silly with her polka dot dress before the silverwood park wedding minneapolis
Give me a silly flowergirl any day!
Groom looks at bride as she enters silverwood park ceremony
wedding ceremony at silverwood park minneapolis
bride and father at silverwood park wedding reception