A small moment of letting go

Every August, I get a case of what I call “The Augusts”. I think it happens to non-photographers as well. I would describe the feeling as starting with the realization that summer is ending and all the small commitments you made to yourself about things you would do this summer have a tight window of completion.

As a photographer, it is always partnered with the snowball of work that comes with gorgeous summer weddings – I’m shooting more, and so I have more work to finish and fewer workdays to finish it.

It all adds up to long, gorgeous summer nights spent over a computer as neighborhood kids play outside and I smell grills and happiness from lawns all around South Minneapolis.

It means a lot of introspection time – is this what I planned to be doing with my summer nights?

What really matters?

So here is something I think matters – a small moment of letting go, even as you are all dressed up and looking so formal.

Back to my computer.

Minneapolis Summer Golf Club Wedding