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Small Wedding Options during a Pandemic

Photography options with social distancing in mind

Planning a wedding in a pandemic got you freaked out?

Yep, that makes sense.

Celebrating life’s milestones is somehow more important than ever, even as we need to look at the ways we gather together even closer.

There are no easy answers for how to plan a celebration during a pandemic, but there are flexible answers.

That’s why I’ve put together small wedding options for those who are currently planning or considering their wedding options for 2021, 2022 and the rest of 2020.

Photography options in the age of coronavirus need to be flexible, considerate, and practical.

They also need to be safe – these are all options available as state restrictions allow and focused on the new normal of deliberate social distancing.


With social distancing in mind


• What if we need to change the date for COVID reasons?

The dates are entirely flexible - the only constraint is our schedules. If you move your date for coronavirus reasons, the deposit moves with you and all other aspects remain the same.

• How do you practice social distancing during this time?

First off, I take this really seriously. I practice social distancing in my personal life to keep my family and community safe. Before your event, I wipe down my equipment and gear. During your event, I wear a mask as appropriate, and maintain a 6ft radius away from you and your guests.

• We are just having a tiny ceremony - I don't know if we even want photos.

That isn't really a question, but I get your meaning. The value of personal connection has never been more clear than during this crisis - celebrating that personal connection between you and your partner is an awesome way that we celebrate humanity. Photos can share that moment, and they can also be beautiful in their own right.

• Will these be available while MN has a "shelter in place" order?

Nope! These are all options available after state restrictions are eased and we can go back to the new normal of deliberate social distancing.

• But isn't social distancing going to end soon?

Shelter in place orders will ease but until we can get to the other side of this pandemic (with a vaccine), we will be practicing a more deliberate and conscious way of gathering with social distancing in mind. So, you might choose to celebrate in a smaller way, or have a small party soon and a larger celebration later.

• Will you travel?

Anywhere within 60 miles of Minneapolis!