Sometimes weird things happen, that is what makes your wedding unique

I’m in this odd place where my SEO is pretty good, and so I get pitched frequently on “sharing articles” with my audience or creating content for them.

Its weird. We live in strange times.

Anyway, I just got an email that included this line “the problem many engaged couples have to deal with is how to make their wedding uniquely theirs”

Look, this makes me laugh out loud.

Let us not create problems where there are not problems.

Never in the history of the universe have you and your beloved been married in front of your people.


Unique in all the world!

In all seriousness, I know that planning a wedding is lots of weird things coming together – the emotional landmines of what your father-in-law thinks about guest lists and how your mother feels about hot appetizers (I’ll tell you how mine feels – STRONGLY in favor). Add to that all the pinterest perfection and magazine mania (what shade of ivory will you choose!) and it can just seem like you are always one step behind the ball.

So I want to just take a moment to tell you this: you are planning a celebration with your dearest so that your community can come together to celebrate with you.

That sounds amazing.

I will get out of your way and document what you create. Also, I hope there will be dessert.

Hidden Meadow Barn Wedding
A first look among the branches, Hidden Meadow Barn, WI