Same Location Better Photos – Stone Arch Bridge as the Eiffel Tower of Minneapolis

Taking photos at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis is one of my favorite things. I love the place, I love the energy, I love the skyline (thanks, Minneapolis!) and the roar of the Mississippi.

When I chat with other local photographers, we discuss equipment and styles, taxes and networking, troubleshooting customer service ideas or marketing tactics. Invariably, the talk turns to locations, and someone mentions that they are tired of photographing at the Stone Arch Bridge.

And I make a shocked face.

Every. Single. Time.

two grooms and an accidental engagement party – Clayton and Jared

Look, I get it. You’ve probably been doing a lot of things in your life that don’t involve looking natural and fantastic in front of a camera. I hope that when you dance at a concert with your friends, for example, or run a 5k, or have a movie night at home with your sweetie, that you don’t consider for a moment if you look fantastic, but instead how it feels to be with people you love. But I’m sure that sometimes you do look natural, and fantastic, and gorgeous doing those things. And I love proving it. Case in…

Greek Minneapolis Wedding at St Marys Orthodox Church and Varsity Theater

Greek Minneapolis Wedding and 10 years of hustle I’ve been shooting weddings full time for over 10 years. That sometimes feels a little nuts to say out loud. There were many years at the beginning when I felt like I had to scramble and hustle for every piece of new information as I became a better and better wedding photographer. At some point, you realize that the skills you have are good enough for most weddings – you can light things, you can manage timelines, and you can anticipate key events to document. But good enough is death for creativity.…

Silverwood Park Wedding

Without fail, Silverwood Park Weddings beckons guests to linger on the patio and laugh during cocktail hour. Its a space that invites everyone to dance, and then cool off outside with a s’more.

My 9 Best Time-Sink Photos

The more comfortable you get with your equipment and anticipation of events, the easier aspects of shooting a wedding become. And ease is death for creativity. Because there are things I *know* will work – set up my light here, use this lens, say these things – I know they will produce good results. As you trim away the opportunity for poor results, you also trim away the transcendent accidents. And so you have to play around even more to bring in those challenges – finding new places to shoot, less intuitive ways to use your lighting, more challenging techniques. All of that is…

Varsity Theater Wedding Minneapolis {Jessica & Mike}

“For the rest of our days” is the question that Mike asked Jessica when they got engaged, and the promise they made to each other at their wedding. I couldn’t be happier that I was able to be there as they began a new chapter of days together! ABOUT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY AT THE VARSITY I’ve photographed many weddings at the Loring restaurant and Varsity Theater. They are two well matched spaces that each have enough character to make an entire celebration. Couples often ask me what spaces will work in the Varsity for photography? There are honestly almost infinite possibilities…