Aria Wedding Minneapolis

Despite being a wedding photographer, I’m not a particularly romantic person. It is probably the Scandinavian in me, but I tend to the practical. But all of that is out the window for Mallory and Ian’s Minneapolis Aria wedding.

The Real Wedding Photography Questions I Wish You Would Ask

So many of the “must ask questions for your wedding photographer” don’t really get to the heart of what you want to know. Here are the real wedding photography questions I wish you would ask (and the questions I often get asked instead!)

Minneapolis Dive Bar Wedding at Grumpy’s Northeast – Alicia and Bill

Sometimes wedding planning is about anticipating details and expenses and emotions and logistics. It can be easy to lose site of how much fun you can have, surrounded by everyone you care most about, celebrating with the person you love best. Alicia and Bill’s Minneapolis Dive Bar wedding was the perfect balance of casual and classy.

Wedding Photos With No Regrets: one tip for your photography budget

Over the years, I’ve noticed that most advice for selecting your wedding photographer focuses on finding your style – yet there are so few recommendations about how to plan your photography budget or talk about money! As though price isn’t going to be a huge factor for your decision!

Nicollet Pavilion Weddings

Couples planning a Nicollet Pavilion wedding often ask what locations I recommend for photos. Unlike many venues, there are almost no poor locations but you do need to know how to make great use of the space!

Daytime McNamara Wedding – Emma and Talhah

I love daytime weddings – everyone is so alert and excited, there is often brunch food, and dancing while the sun is out just seems super joyous! Emma and Talhah’s daytime McNamara wedding was full of life and laughter, an unexpected amount of hula hooping, and general merriment. When Talhah and Emma contacted me, they…

Planning your Minnesota Camp Wedding – recommendations from a photographer

Recommendations for planning your camp wedding photography from a wedding photographer and former counselor, and lifelong camp person. TIP ONE: GET IN THE CANOE

Madison Club Wedding – Emma and Al

Celebrations matter. Celebrations matter because we bring our communities, our families, our people together so rarely. A wedding day isn’t the day that two people decide to spend their lives together – that is an ongoing process, started before the wedding, lasting throughout their marriage. A wedding day is simply the day that we choose…