WA Frost Winter Wedding – St Paul MN

“It is pretty dark down there – is that going to be a problem” – that is a good question to ask your photographer when you are getting married in the wine cellar basement of WA Frost. And Erin & Paul did their due diligence when we met. “Every challenge brings a new set of opportunities.”  When you have the right bag of experience, every location becomes a playground of possibilities – sometimes you want to show the location, sometimes it is all about the people, sometimes you want to bring  a touch of the unexpected  – using the right…

Guthrie theater wedding ceremony {Meghann & Matt}

I first met Meghann a few weeks before her wedding to Matt when we talked about the details of her wedding ceremony at the Guthrie Theater. She also showed me an album of her years with Matt so far – the trips they took, the places they have lived, their celebrations and family. She wanted me to know a little about them before their wedding (which I loved) and when their wedding day came I felt like an old friend.