Life is busy and strange and so chaotic in the best of times. And still we choose to celebrate, and in that I find great beauty. 

Which is to say, I feel very grateful. Grateful to document celebrations, grateful to see so much beauty. 

Several months ago, I documented Olivia and Gaurav’s really amazing wedding celebration. 

Like, really so much fun. So much energy and just total joy and so focused on being with their guests and respecting their families. 

And then, a week after that, before she had seen more than a photo or two, Olivia’s mother left a wonderful review about me on the knot. 

It truly touches me that these words come without the benefit of seeing the day documented. 

So, thank you for finding the time to tell me these things, for making the effort to do so, and for choosing me in the first place. 

Becca is a true professional who clearly loves what she does. She has a keen eye for detail. She first met my daughter and her fiancé for engagement photos back in November and those photos were absolutely beautiful and captured so much happiness and joy. Fast forward to the wedding last week, all I can say is she was amazing to work with and commanded the respect of everyone because she knows exactly what she is doing. She knows when to be serious and when to exercise the silly factor, and everyone had a great time with her. At the same time she was respectful and unobtrusive when the moment called for that. Looking forward to incredible, thoughtful wedding photos full of heart. We love you Becca, thanks for helping to make the wedding very special 


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