Tips for Natural Feeling Family Portraits Minneapolis

Most of the work on my website is focused on weddings and couples, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love photographing families. In fact, its the most natural thing to do after meeting so many couples on their wedding and working with their own families. I’m always thrilled when I have the opportunity to work with people as their families grow and evolve. So here are some of my favorite images from the last year of family portraits, as well as my top 5 tips for natural feeling family portraits.

Tips for natural feeling family portraits

Tips for natural feeling family portraitsTip 1: Be comfortable
Comfort will mean different things to different folks, but it is hard to look relaxed when you are worried about your buttons gaping or your sweater hanging too loose.
natural family portraits happy minneapolisTips for natural feeling family portraitsTip 2: Coordinate, but don’t match
Matching outfits are perfect for themed shoots about roller skating, but otherwise you just want to make sure you have outfits that work together. Think about how fancy you want to look, or how casual, and then choose a color family that you like (warm neutrals, jewel tones, shades of blue, etc). Having different textures and patterns makes images feel more engaging.

Tips for natural feeling family portraitsnatural family portraits minneapolisTip 3: Bring less
Leave your extra keys, bulky wallet, sunglasses and everything you can in your car, or even leave them at home. We’ll take photos while you are walking around, and having pockets full of items or a bag in your hands means taking extra time and getting out of the moment. You won’t need anything but each other and a good attitude.
minneapolis portrait session in park

boy at minnehaha creek Tip 4: Find the right amount of time
Some kids (and, lets face it, even some adults) take a while to get comfortable and others are comfortable being photographed right away. Most portrait sessions last between 30-70 minutes depending on everyone’s endurance and enjoyment! A shorter session can still be totally successful, so focus on the quality of time spent together and be ready to call it a day when it stops being fun!

family-photos-woodbury-and-st-paul-union-depot-mn-011natural family portraits happy minneapolisTip 5: Think about SHORT sessions
I offer occasional SHORT sessions, 15 minute portrait sessions at a specific location and time. These can be perfect for getting up to date family photos without the commitment of a full session, or getting images in a fun new location.

natural family portraits happy minneapolis

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