Twin Cities Backyard Wedding – Kirsten and Erik

From Spain to Minnesota – a Twin Cities Backyard Wedding full of joy and friendship

Many years ago, I moved to Spain for a semester in college. Living abroad gave me a very different appreciation of my place in the world, which I find invaluable. Living in Spain tested my ability to withstand warm weather and have me a heartfelt love of afternoon naps and taking it easy.

And I also met Kirsten – another woman from Wisconsin. Startlingly funny and deadpan, we navigated around the country and through cultural differences together. We shared a love of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs, and I think I am responsible for the very worst vacation she had ever taken. To her credit, we laugh about it often, and I also had a bad time. (And, so others may learn from our mistakes – if you ever travel to Gibraltar, remember that, being part of Britain, it is a different country and you need a passport. The Spanish border town, La Linea, does not offer many amenities)

All of which is to say, it has been a true joy to rekindle my friendship with Kirsten as we find ourselves both in the Twin Cities. I am thrilled for her and Erik, their new life together, and the joy they clearly bring each other.

They married in the backyard of their new home together, bordering a gorgeous park and, being in Minnesota, right next to a lake. The day was perfect, the mood was light, and there was laughter throughout.

Twin Cities backyard wedding
Wind and willows for this photo of the bride and groom at their Twin Cities Backyard wedding
ceremony Twin Cities backyard wedding
Marriage ceremony for Twin Cities backyard wedding

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