Wedding day flash composite – Lindsey and Michael preview

August 2, 2018

wedding flash composite minneapolis
7 photos, pieced together in this flash composite at Stone Arch Bridge

I have a ton to say about Lindsey and Michael’s wedding, and I am so excited to continue editing through the photos (get ready for a LOT of dancing photos!)

But for now I will just post this preview – I sometimes forget how weird it must to watch me take the images for a flash composite. My second shooter moving to light different groupings, my insistence that nobody move (thank you!), all so that I can spend some time editing them together for a more dramatic portraits.

The point of all that flailing and planning is this – 7 images, stitched together, of Lindsey and Michael’s very handsome wedding party at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. Classic and modern, blended into one, just like their wedding!

Technical stuff: D750, Nikkor 24-70 at 70mm, 1/200 at f/5, ISO 100 SB910 flash at manual 1/2 throughout

flash composite example at wedding
Here are 6 of the images as shot for the composite

The end result looks great. Nicely done!

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